#Robortiga Dim lit1.


But not quite.

Taken from the powerful healing short video Robortiga1, 4 they were amazed @ his……….
Hey, I make this look……….

It is becoming increasingly difficult 2 post as normal from this platform, go figure; I will continue 2 do so as long as possible.

#Robortiga ad tester opt


#Robortiga Do U like my crude GUI(Graphical User Interface)?
GUI, used as a method 4 U the user 2 interact with the computer/program, software or app; using shortcut icons, buttons and or various text link/menu’s moreover manipulated via a mouse or voice recognition controllers (headset with mic.).  Ur Desktop is ur operating systems(OS) Front end or Top GUI, pages behind the front end GUI R considered the, the, the ………… 

GUI Decoded.

#Robortiga Closer Inspection


Nonetheless it’s happening N.E.way.

Please ensure ur firewall is switched on.

Welcome 2 new followers, current followers; How U doin?

#Robortiga Beaming

#Robortiga Some have requested decoding of more info, don’t worry; I got ur bak.

#Robortiga Light



U may well ask is this 4 real? I ask myself the same thing.

Good 2 C U again, I’m sorry my responses R limited; U must ask the right questions, I trust ur judgement. Why is Robortiga amongst other things so intricately knowledgeable about corporate bullying, multiple erroneous attempts of deformation of character on-line, collaborated cyber attacks thereof including remote access, cross platform social media, websites, steganostics, multiple blockages and prevention of monetization links 2 personal pay accounts of content including video’s etc?

That detective is the right question.    




#Robortiga Remote Monitored 

4 real positive out of a negative, Not bad.



#Robortiga Remote Decoded


#Robortiga As per agreement. Since U requested a continuation, moreover that additional info. was required on remote access; namely how can U tell if some1 is controlling ur computer and using remote access against U. Well, U may notice ur text placement icon flashing alot faster than normal, u may find that certain letters no longer type when pressed, the mouse and scroll functions become jittery in functionality, furthermore slow 2 respond, software/programmes missing normal functions, there may B a fluctuation in volume of audio notifications, ur screen may freeze regularly alongside impromptus not 2 mention involuntary log outs. U may also notice files including e-mails R deleted and personal e-mails from other people moved 2 ur draft and or sent bin, which shouldn’t happen as they didn’t send the items from ur computer, these R a few signs 2 look out 4; although these occurrences could mean something else entirely, like 4 e.g. the need 4 U 2 carry out defragmentation (defrag) of ur hard drive.

Protect urself as best U can, turn on ur firewall although this is not sufficient 2 eliminate the problem it will help: There R methods 2 help curtail remote access, seek and um………

I will not tell U how 2 alter ur computer in anyway just inc. plus I have 2 B very mindful also cautious of what I say, don’t U know.

N.E.way: How R U, me, fantastic as well, glad 2 hear it?

#Robortiga Remote

#Robortiga Remote Access. What is this I 1der? Well Remote Access is software or an app. that gives the user remote access moreover the ability to control computers/desktops/smartphone including all files, software, music, photo’s and the main screen view etc. basically everything on a computer; whilst being away from the computer. Everything? Yes everything on the computer. It allows users to remotely utilise a computer as though they R sat in front of the connected computer over the internet, anywhere in the world.

Remote Access Decoded.

Nuff Said.






#Robortiga Library


#Robortiga. Search engine, hmmm; sounds complex, OK since U asked; simple terms: The internet is like a vast library of information, web pages and all other searchable information is equivalent to that of books; if you need to find a book outside of the internet in perhaps a library U R likely 2 ask a librarian 2 assist U 2 locate the book/books U desire. A search engine in its simplest form is the librarian, helping U find the web pages or information U desire. There R many librarians that can assist you with this task, Y not try a few alternatives.

Search Engine Decoded.

How U doin. 

No, not @ all please remain seated.

icu4ear Budda Head2

No comment required, I already, we already U already know?


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